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Enhance Your Child's Confidence and Self-Esteem

Karate benefits children by enhancing physical fitness, discipline, confidence, and social skills through structured training and self-defense techniques. Try our trial offer for only $19.95.

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Karate Programs for All Ages

We offer karate programs for tykes, kids, teens, and adults. Come see what makes Douvris karate world renowned.


About Douvris Martial Arts

Rockland Location

Welcome to Douvris Martial Arts and Fitness Rockland! Our school is part of the Douvris Family of Dojo's that has proudly been serving the Ottawa community for 40 years. We are a family-owned and operated small business that takes great pride in providing the best overall level of service to the Rockland community. 

At Douvris Rockland, we specialize in teaching the highest standard of Karate, Fitness, Leadership, and Character Building to all ages and walks of life. We base our system on a hybrid style of Shito Ryu and Shotokan Karate with influence from Traditional and Sports Backgrounds. Our mission is to create a hard-working, fun, and positive learning environment for all students to excel while implementing important character-building traits such as respect, responsibility, confidence, humility, perseverance, self-discipline, and a positive attitude.


Our Karate Programs

We have karate programs for all ages and fitness levels.

Karate Tykes

Our karate tykes program guides kids ages 4-6 through basic karate techniques and provides the foundation for important life skills.

Karate Kids

Our Kids program keeps children aged 7 to 12 active and helps balance & coordination, concentration, and self-discipline.

Karate Youth

Our Youth program is designed for teens 13-18 years of age. It is a complete approach to training in the martial arts.

Karate Adult

Join our Adult program to improve fitness levels, learn self-defense techniques, increase confidence, and feel empowered.

- Fitness Kickboxing -

- Fitness -

The DOUVRIS Fitness Kickboxing Program is a focused, efficient, total-body training program that delivers serious results. It's the most kickboxing you'll get in one workout!

- Skilled -

Established by brothers and karate champions, Master Sensei John Douvris and Master Sensei Peter Douvris in 1984. DOUVRIS programs, methods, and standards have been designed, tested, and proven for 40 years.

- Awesome -

All of our locations are air-conditioned, good size to large size gyms, and clean change rooms. We have free Wi-Fi in our waiting area for your family and friends. There's plenty of free parking.